In Beloved Memory of Our Special Friend Brooke Hester


In the spirit of being thankful for our success, idesign + co has chosen to give back to a very special organization meaningful to us; Brooke’s Blossoming Hope for Childhood Cancer.

idesign + co has had the tremendous honor of befriending eight year old Brooke Hester and her mom Jessica, founders of Brooke’s Blossoming Hope. Sadly, in June 2015, Brooke lost her battle to Neuroblastoma. In eight short years, Brooke accomplished more than most adults do in a lifetime. Brooke was a warrior in her daily fight against cancer and an angel in her desire to help others battling too. How many children do you know that live and fight to help others? Brooke was truly a magical spirit and made a lasting impression on EVERY person she met. She warmed my heart the very first time she said “Ms. Ilene, I just love what you do.” It was then I knew we had to get involved. So it is with great pride, that idesign + co continues to help Brooke’s Blossoming Hope send thousands of care packages to children suffering worldwide.

Brooke’s Blossoming Hope’s mission is two-fold. First, in helping children with cancer directly by providing fun, colorful, hand crafted headwear during the difficulties of hair loss. Secondly, in raising awareness and money for early detection research, newer treatments and cutting edge, targeted therapies and cures for pediatric cancer that will be gentler and more tolerable through all stages. Many pediatric cancers are considered “rare” and research on many of these cancers is drastically underfunded, often leaving patients with limited or no treatment options. Our goal is to help this change NOW.

The cost to send a child a Blossom package is $5, so here’s our plan: for every product purchased in the Brooke’s Blossoming Hope Collection, idesign + co will donate $5 back. Please choose from any of our fun, colorful designs (inspired by Brooke’s personality) and purchase now. To date, we have raised thousands of dollars and we know this is only the beginning. Please support Brooke’s Blossoming Hope so we can make every child going through this devastating disease feel a little happier and lot brighter. Together, we can beat this disease. For more information on Brooke and or the organization, please visit